Product Highlights

One of key drivers of Mighty business is innovation. We research, develop, and create new products with our technology and knowledge in order to suit the needs of our customers. We would like to introduce our newest product range  “Flavour Booster”.


Flavour boosters are developed from the reaction of several ingredients to activate and generate the aroma and taste compounds during the heating process at a temperature higher than 120oC.


  • Enhance flavour and taste
  • Heat-activated
  • Suitable for high temperature process
  • Extend shelf life from antioxidant property in some prodcuts
  • Certified as Halal
  • Comply regulation (EC) No.133/2008



Mighty's flavour boosters can be applied in a wide range of applications including confectionary, snacks, bakery, meat, noodle, and ready meals. It can be used for fry, bake, grill and extrude process at high temperature.