products & Services
Our product are ''Proven Performers'' in a wide array of applications:


We provide ingredients and functional ingredients for avariety of bakery products including cookies, cake, doughnut, biscuit, filling and much more.


Baverage & Dairy

Based on our technology and innovation in combination with specialty ingredients from international partners, we are one of the largest one-stop suppliers for dairy and non-dairy products for various beverage and dairy applications.


Health & Suppplimentary

We offer wide product ranges of high quality, product management and technical services for food, beverage and pharmaceutical.




Instant Noodle & Porridge

We provide the ingredients including seasoning, flavour oil for different types of dried noodles, namely instant, cooked up, cup, noodle snack.


Processed Meat

We provide not only single ingredients but also blended seasoning with or withoutfunctional ingredients for processed meat products like nugget, patty, marinade meat, fried chicken, sausage and more. 


Ready To Eat Meal

We have great taste solution for soups, bouillons, sauces to increase the mouth feel, body with a variety of meat type, enhance flavour and adjust texture and appearance for best results.






We provide a wide range of products for confectionery such as chocolate, candies, jelly, etc.



We develop customized seasoning to suit with customer need. For a variety of snack base such as Chips (Potato, cassava, corn), Peanut, French Fries, Popcorn and Extruded Snack.


Petfood & Animal Feed

We have variety of ingredients to increase product mouth feel, body and shelf-life extension.