Our new
product, FLAVOUR BOOSTERS, improve taste and aroma in the snack dough during frying or baking which can help to reduce the dosage of dust-on seasonings. 

Mighty develops customized seasoning blends using our own products of SAVOURY TASTE range (reaction flavour, specialy condiments, etc.) for a variety of snack base such as chips (potato, cassava, corn), peanuts, French fries, popcorns, biscuits, extruded snacks, etc.

We provide a broaden range of international seasonings with unique, authentic flavour & taste such as BBQ varities, Thai Tomyum, Korean Kimchi / Bulgogi, Japanese curry / Tonkotsu ramen, Spanish tomato, Indian Masala, etc.

Our products that can be used in snack application :


  • Seasoning:                      Available in savoury and sweet  rofile
  • Savoury group:               BBQ, Masala, Sriracha, Sweet chilli, Tom yum, Cheese varieties, etc.
  • Sweet group:                  Sweet corn, Banana, Chocolate, Milk tea, etc.
  • Condiments:                    Premium quality of "kitchen" basic ingredients for food preparations that enhance oveall taste
  • Flavour boosters:             Heat activated flavour, suitable for high-heat-treated products
  • Reaction flavours:            Process flavour for meat, seafood, cooking flavour and taste


Our seasonings can be applied as sprinkle or dust-on snack base directly as well as mix into the dough of extruded snack. 


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