Processed Meat

Mighty Provides
single ingredients and also blended seasonings with or without functional ingredients 
for processed meat products like nugget, patty, marinade meat, fried chicken, sausage and more. 

Our products, marinade, Seasoning and sprinkle, are developed to deliver delicious taste with functional benefits and suitable for customer process.


  • Seasonings:                Used in reform meat such as patty, nugget, burger, sausage

  • Marinades:                  Used for improved colour, flavour, taste, appearance and juiciness of meat

  • Sprinkles:                   Dusting on top of cooked meat for visual appearance.

  • Functional mixes:       Increase yield, juiciness, reduce cooking loss, non-phosphate products, clean label, healthy, etc.

  • Condiments:               Premium quality of "kitchen" ingredients that enhance overall atste in food preparations

  • Reaction flavours:       Process flavour giving meat, seafood, and various cooking profile

  • Culinary oils:              A range of permeated vegetable oils with culinary ingredients

  • Flavour boosters:        Heat activated flavour, suitable for high temperature product

The products can be applie on meat with our recommended dosage, cooking process to serve a complete
solution for our customer.

Mighty's business partners, expertised in functional ingredients for all types of processed meat products,
will be pleased to receive inquiry from customers who need to improve their existing items or develop
any new products.

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