Beverage & Dairy 

Based on Mighty
technology and innovation in combination with specialty ingredients from international partners, we are one of the largest one-stop suppliers for dairy and non-dairy products for various beverage and dairy applications.


We have strong knowledge and technology to support and work together with our customers.

  • Condensed milk powder:              Dry powder form, easy for used, long shelf life

  • Gelatins & Collagens:                   As functional & nutritional ingredients

  • Herb & Plant Extracts:                  For dietary formulations

  • Nutritional Ingredients:                For supplementary formulations

  • Flavours:                                    Provide authentic taste & aroma

  • Whip Topping powder:                 Easy to prepare at room temperature, stable texture

  • Whey Products:                           Milk / cream substitute for mouthfeel, taste, protein sources for various functionality

  • Ice cream powder:                       Easy to prepare, convenient, long shelf life


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