Instant Noodle & Porridge

Mighty provides
complete ingredients including seasoning, flavour oil and garnished, dried vegetable flake for different types of dried noodles, namely instant, cooked up, cup, snack.


We provide a broaden range of international seasonings with unique flavour & taste such as Thai Tomyum, Korean Kimchi / Bulgogi, Japanese curry / Tonkotsu ramen, Spanish tomato, Indian Masala, Vietnamese Pho, etc.

Our R&D personnel are geared to modify and fine-tune overall taste profile as per specific customer's target.

The products can be supplied in bulk packs or sachet packs for more convenience.

We have seasonings with a large variety of flavour and taste preference.

  • Seasonings:                       Chicken, Beef, Meat, Seafood, Vegetarian, Tom Yum, Masala, etc.

  • Culinary oils:                      A range of permeated vegetable oils with culinary ingredient

  • Dried vegetable flakes:       Carrot, Spring onion, Cabbage, Mushroom, Corn seed, etc.

  • Modified starches:              Texture improvement

  • Condiments:                      Premium quality of "kitchen" basic ingredients that enhance overall taste in food preparations

  • Flavour boosters:               Heat activated flavour, suitable for noodle dough process at high temperature

  • Reaction flavours:              Process flavour for meat, seafood, cooking flavour and taste